Other projects Aside from my research projects, I enjoy developing VR/AR applications, immersive virtual environments, and 3D models. Here, you'll find a selection of projects I developed with teammates during school and PhD. You can also find older Unity projects on my artstation.

Einstein's general relativity theory

Inria VR Hackaton (4 days) - 2019
Theme: Education

We developped an interactive VR scenario to introduce users to the general relativity theory. The application targets users from 12 years old with many interactions. Pr Einstein and Doppler, the spaceship IA, explain the theory to users and guide them through emergency situations in a space and time travel.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Labyrinth

Inria VR Hackaton (4 days) - 2018 First Prize Theme: Cinema

We developped a VR application on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Users had to find a way out of the labyrinth to find the Goblet of Fire. They could use the spells they discovered throughout the application. We altered users' perception of their locomotion in the virtual environments by using impossible spaces (see Yu et al. 2017, Bookshelf and bird) to maximize their natural walking. As for the atmosphere, we used several stressors, fog, and audio stimuli.

Fundamental physics escape game

Laval Virtual Virtual Fantasy Hackaton (30h) - 2018 First Prize Theme: VR

We developped a collaborative educational VR and computer tablet application. In the first part of the application, the student is immersed in a virtual classroom. The teacher can use the tablet to display an equation on the board of the classroom. S.he can change the equation parameters to demonstrate its consequences on objects in the student's environment in real-time. In the second part, the student has to apply the lesson by using the right equations with the right parameters to escape 3 rooms.

Immune System Tower defense

Student project selected to be presented in Laval Virtual (2 weeks) - 2017

We developped a fun tower defense game in a cartoon immersive virtual environment. Users had to use immune system cells and the right T-cells ammunitions to survive waves of bacteria and viruses.

MR headsets in the aeronautical field

Student project (6 months) with Airbus - 2016

We developped an MR application using Microsoft HoloLens headset to support operators in the assembly, installation, and maintenance of airplanes electrical harnesses.