Tiffany Luong

Mail: tiffanydluong [at] gmail [dot] com

Keywords: VR, Mental Workload, Physiological Computing, Human-Computer Interactions, Emotions

About me

I am currently a PhD candidate in Computer Science working on the subject “Affective and Cognitive VR”. The PhD is directed by Anatole Lécuyer, head of the hybrid team (INRIA Rennes), and by Guillaume Jégou, head of the Human Factors Technologies team (IRT b<>com). The thesis is also co-supervised by Ferran Argelaguet, a researcher at INRIA Rennes, and by Nicolas Martin, a doctor at b<>com. Previously, I obtained a MSc in Computer Science and an Engineering degree from the french national engineering school Arts et Métiers in 2017.

My research interests are VR, physiologcal computing, human-computer interactions, and cognitive science. I am investigating methods to make immersive virtual environments more emotionally intelligent.
My PhD works mainly focus on mental workload recognition and exploitation for VR training. I have particularly explored the use of physiological signals for the monitoring and analysis of users' states in VR.

I have developed a large panel of VR/AR projects, with a particular focus on the design of novel human-computer interactions. I am passionate about cutting edge innovation and am obsessed with providing unique and engaging user experience!

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